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  • Tianzhun Wu

    Tianzhun WuPh.D.


    Research areas:Bio MEMS,Surface materials

  • Yan Chen

    Yan ChenPh. D.


    Research areas:Microfluidics, optofluidics an

  • Zongwen Jin

    Zongwen JinPh.D.

    Associate Professor

    Research areas:FRET,BRET

  • Xinwei Rong

    Xinwei RongBachelor degree

    Senior Engineer

    Research areas:Microwave、Antenna

  • Jianglin Zhao

    Jianglin ZhaoPh.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas:Supramolecular chemistry,Chemo

  • Zhen Xu

    Zhen XuPh.D.

    Assistant professor

    Research areas:Neuroscience

  • BenXian, Peng

    BenXian, PengMaster


    Research areas:MEMS sensor

  • Fan Yang

    Fan YangBachelor degree


    Research areas:Software Engineering

  • Weiliang Shu

    Weiliang ShuMaster

    Research assistant

    Research areas:Microfluidics chip

  • Hangao Yang

    Hangao YangMaster

    Assistant Engineer

    Research areas:Integrated package

  • Qi Zeng

    Qi ZengMaster

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas:Neural Interface, Micro/nano-m

  • Bin Huang

    Bin HuangBA


    Research areas:MicrofluidicandRegulation of n

  • Tian Zhou

    Tian Zhou Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Research areas:Neuroscience

  • Fengshan Shen

    Fengshan ShenPh.D

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Research areas:Microfluidic, magnetoswim

  • Ting Zhang

    Ting ZhangBA


    Research areas:daily laboratory management

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