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1.    Qi Zeng, Kai Xia, Bin Sun, Youlin Yin, Tianzhun Wu, Mark S. HumayunElectrodeposited  Iridium Oxide on Platinum Nanocones for Improving Neural Stimulation MicroelectrodesElectrochimica Acta2017237: 152-159IF: 4.8

2.       Zhiwei WangLifang YuanLei WangTianzhun Wu. Stretchable superlyophobic surfaces for nearly- loss less droplet transferSensors and Actuators B:Chemical, 2017, 244:649–654(IF:  4.758)

3.        Wenjian Jiang, Fengqi Yu. A low-power high-speed true Single phase clock based Divide-by-2/3 prescaler, IEICE Electronics Express, 2017

4.     Dexin Kong and Fengqi YuAn auto-calibration technique for BJT-based CMOS temperature sensorsIEICE Electronics Express2017146): 1–7IF: 0.456

5.       Dexin Kong and Fengqi Yu,  Analysis of the residual errordue to mechanical stress in BJT-based CMOS temperature sensors, IEICE Electronics Express,2017

6.       Bo Peng*, Yanxia Rao*, Kwok-Fai So, Combined treatment promotes the long-range axon regeneration to right brain targets, Yan Ke Xue Bao 2017

7.        Yichen chen , Zhaoxia Zheng, Mingyang Gong, Fengqi Yu, low power new field communication methods for RFID applications of SIM cards, Sensors, 2017, 17:867-881

8.     Yu-tian Wu,Jiang-Lin Zhao, Lan Mu, Xi Zeng, Gang Wei, Carl Redshaw, Zongwen Jin, A 2-Styryl-1,8-naphthyridine derivative as a versatile fluorescentprobe for the selective recognition of Hg2+, Ag+and F−ions by tuningthe solvent, Sensors and Actuators B 252 (2017) 1089–1097

9.     Yudong Zhang,  Bo Peng*,  Shuihua Wang,  Yu-Xiang Liang,  Jiquan Yang,  Kwok-Fai So,  Ti-Fei Yuan,  Image processing methods to elucidate spatial characteristics of retinal microglia after optic nerve transaction,  Scientific Reports,  2016,  6(21816):  1-7. (IF: 5.578)

10.    G. Li,  H. Zhao,  H. Zhou,  F. Yan,  Y. Wang,  C. Xu,  C. Wang,  L. Niu,  L. Meng,  S. Wu,  H. Zhang,  W. Qiu*,  and H. Zheng*,  Improved anatomical specificity of non-invasive neuro-stimulation by high frequency (5 MHz) ultrasound,  Scientific Reports,  2016,  6(24738),  1-11. (IF: 5.578)

11.    Shiquan Ling,  Yong Luo,  Lin Luan,  Zhiwei Wang*,  and Tianzhun Wu*,  Inkjet Printing of Patterned Ultra-Slippery Surfaces for Planar Droplet ManipulationSensors and Actuators B:  Chemical,  201672-738(IF:  4.758)

12.    Lan Yue, James D. Weiland, Botond Roska, Mark S. Humayun*,Retinal stimulation strategies to restore vision:  Fundamentals and systems,  Prog Retin Eye Res,  2016,  53: 21-47. (IF: 9.349)

13.    Y. Wang, K. Chen, P. Xu, T.K. Ng, L.L.H. Chan, Spontaneous neural activity in the primary visual cortex of retinal degenerated rats,  Neuroscience Letters,  2016,  623:  42-46(IF: 2.107)

14.    K. Chen, Y. Wang, X. Liang, Y. Zhang, Y.K. Ng, L.L.H. Chan,Electrophysiology alterations in primary visual cortex neurons of retinal degeneration (S334ter-line-3) rats,  Scientific Reports,  2016,  6(26793):  1-12(IF: 5.578)

15.    Yanxia Rao, Yu-Xiang Liang, Bo Peng, A revisit of rod microglia in preclinical studies,  Neural Regeneration Research,  2016.11(12): 1-2. (IF:  0.968)

16.     Zhu Hongmei,Yu Fengqi,A Cross-Correlation Technique for Vehicle Detections in Wireless Magnetic Sensor NetworkIEEE Sensors Journal201616(11):4484-4494

17.     Xuemin DuSharonHiu-ManChiubDanielHock-ChunOngc RoyVellaisamydMichael  Hon-WahLambMetal ion-responsive photonic colloidal crystalline micro-beads with electrochemically tunable photonic diffraction coloursSensors and Actuators BChemical2016223318-323.

18.    Wenjian Jiang, Fengqi Yu. 4.2 GHz 0.81 mW triple-modulus prescaler based on true single phase clock, Circuits and systems, 2016, 675-677.

19.    [Y. Chen, W. Qiu], K. H. Lam, B. Liu, X. Jiang, H. Zheng, H. S. Luo, H. L. W. Chan,and J. Dai, Focused intravascular ultrasonic probe using dimpled transducer elements,  Ultrasonics,  2015,  56:  227-231. (IF:  2.028)

20.    [W. Qiu, Y. Chen], C. M. Wong, B. Liu, J. Dai, and H. Zheng, A novel dual.frequency imaging method for intravascular ultrasound applications,  Ultrasonics,  2015,  57:  31-35. (IF:  2.028)

21.    Y. Yu, W. Qiu, B. Chiu, and L. Sun, Feasibility of multiple micro-particle trapping. A simulation study,  Sensors,  2015,  15(3):  4958.4974. (IF:  2.048)

22.    [W. Qiu*, C. Wang], Y. Li, J. Zhou, G. Yang, Y. Xiao, G. Feng, Q. Jin,  P. Mu,  M. Qian, and H. Zheng*,  A scanning. mode 2D shear wave imaging (s2D.SWI) system for ultrasound elastography,  Ultrasonics,  2015,  62:  89-96. (IF:  2.028)

23. An GuangmingLing Shiquan Wang ZhiweiLuan LinWu TianzhunFabrication and Application of Ultra-slippery Surfaces Based on Liq-uid Infusion in Micro/nano StructureProgress in chemistry201527(12)1705-1713.

24.    Xuemin Du*, Tengyue Li, Lijun Li, Zhicheng Zhang, Tianzhun Wu*,  Water as a colorful ink:  transparent,  rewritable photonic coatings based on colloidal crystals embedded in chitosan hydrogel,  J. Mater. Chem. C,  2015,  3,  3542-3546. (IF: 4.69,  Hot paper of RSC)

25.    Yue L, Humayun MS*, Monte Carlo analysis of the enhanced transcranial penetration using distributed near infrared emitter array,  J. Biomed. Opt., 2015,  20,  088001.(IF:  2.859)

26.    Zhiwei Wang, Tianzhun Wu*,  Modeling Pressure Stability and Contact Angle Hysteresis of Superlyophobic Surfaces Based on Local Contact Line,  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C,  2015,  119:  12916-12922. (IF:  4.772)

27.     Hongtao FengWeiliang ShuYan Chen*et al,Development of a microfluidic platform with integrated power splitting waveguides for optogenetic neural cell stimulationBiomedical Microdevices201517101.

28.    W. Qiu*, Z. Ye, Y. Yu, Y. Chen, L. Chi, P. Mu, G. Li, C. Wang, Y. Xiao, J. Dai,  L. Sun, H. Zheng*,  A digital multi.gate Doppler method for high frequency ultrasound,  Sensors,  2014,  14(8): 13348-60. (IF:  2.048)

29.    ZHANG Jing-Yong WU Tian-ZhunWANG Leiet alZHANG Jing-Yong WU Tian-ZhunWANG Lei, et al, Application Specific Integrated Circuit ( ASIC) for Retinal ProsthesisChinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering201433445-466.

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